Fairy Party ideas - Top 10 Decorations

If you are planning a Fairy Party check out our top ten beautiful, yet simple and affordable, decoration ideas that will add to your daughter's special day.

1. Bunting 

Always a classic favourite! Bunting is so cute and yet so simple. 

*Helpful hint: Making bunting with the birthday girl is a great way of getting her excited about her party. You can pick up some pretty scrap fabric from a local haberdashery and get creative. 

To make bunting without sewing all you need is thin rope, scissors and multiple same-sized triangle pieces of fabric. Once you have cut the desired length of rope and triangle shapes (it's best to make a cardboard template to draw around to ensure they are all the same size) all you do is cut two holes out and then thread the rope through (see diagram). 

Mix up plain fabrics and floral prints for a more kitsch look. 

2. Ribbon tied chairs
Again - easy, easy, easy. All you have to do is use a hitch not to fasten the ribbons onto the back of the chair, like this

3. Jars 
Jars are the most versatile decoration basic. You can literally do 100s of things with mason jars - add sweets, marshmallows, beads, fairy lights, ice cream, flowers... Why not mix and match sizes and shapes of jars with various foods/sweets in them on your party table? Check out our favourite fairy party favours made with jars - too cute.

4. Tulle bow chair covers
An easy way to add elegance to the chairs you will be using at the party table. Pink tulle is so inexpensive, but just adds that wow-factor. You simply have to wrap the tulle around the chair back and tie in a bow. Add flowers in the centre of the bow for an added 

5. Fairy garland lights
Fairy lights provide a great ambiance and there is no end to the designs you can find and what you can do with them during (and after!) the party. Lay across the table, string above the birthday tea table, place in a large mason jar to create a fairy lamp, drape a white sheet from the ceiling and place them behind and then tell the girls there are real fairies watching over the party...

6. Fake grass place mats
Such a cute place mat idea, especially if you are having a party indoors and want to bring nature inside. You can even have a whole table cloth!! You can pick up artificial grass mats at your local hardware store and just cut to place mat size. 

*Helpful hint: Add butterfly or flower ornaments for extra cuteness. 

7. Fairy wing chair covers
Easy, easy, easy!! Just hang a pair of wings over the back of each chair. You can alternate the colours or stay the same.

*Helpful hint: the wings will make great fairy party favours once the tea is finished. Why not add a tutu skirt as well so the girls have extra goodies?

8. Paper Pom Pom
Pink paper pom poms are another simple but visually impressive way of decorating a fairy party space, whether hanging above the birthday tea table or the dance floor area. Why not try varying size and shade of colour?

9. Bejewelled cutlery
Find some stick on jewels and place on the handles of pink plastic cutlery. You can extend the idea to glasses and plain plates. 

10. Rose petals
Whether dried or artificial rose petals look so pretty scattered on the fairy tea table and make a great alternative to confetti which isn't reusable and can be difficult to clean up after the party. 

For more fairy party ideas check out The Party Fairy's Pinterest

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