Top 10 Princess Party food ideas

If you are planning a Princess Party check out our top ten food ideas that will make a lasting impression. 

1. Rainbow cake
This is a clear favourite here at The Party Fairy! The girls' faces when the cake is cut to reveal a magical rainbow inside is priceless!! Never fails to impress.

*Helpful hint: if you want to save time why not choose one colour and vary the intensity of the shades instead like this pink multi-layered cake.

2. Rose cake pops
These are so easy to make and put in the centre of the table they become a lovely centre piece, especially if the birthday girl loves Belle! See how to make here

3. Tiara-shaped sandwiches
Using a tiara-shaped cookie cutter cut variously filled sandwiches - simple!

4. Macaroons
Chic and a great sweet for parents at the party also! 

5. "Royal Jewels" salad
Encourage the girls to eat healthily by labelling the fruit salad at your party "royal jewels".

6. Glass slipper pizza
Using a glass slipper cookie cutter, cut thin margarita pizza. 

*Helpful hint: margarita pizza is a firm favourite with all kids. It's best to keep it simple to avoid left overs.

7. Cheese and pineapple wands
Turn the classic cheese and pineapple on sticks into a princess treat. You will need a whole pineapple which you should slice and then cut into star shapes. Place these on the end of a skewer, followed by cheese cut into diamond shapes.   

8. Pink lemonade
Place pink lemonade in teapots and pour into see-through plastic cups. 

*Helpful hint: Place a ribbon, decorative pink scrunchie, diamante trimming or stick-on jewels around the cups to enhance the princess theme.

9. Cupcakes
You can have these in addition to the birthday cake, as they are easy to quickly place in party bags or cupcake boxes at the end of the party - leaving the cake for a later celebration with family afterwards. 

10. Princess jewellery
Place hula hoop crisps into a silver bowl and label "princess jewellery". I haven't met a girl yet that doesn't love wearing a hula hoop as a ring!! 

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